Our fitness classes provide students and members with an opportunity to participate in a variety of group fitness offerings that encourage and support a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment! We also offer one-on-one personal training programs to reach your individual goals.

Group Classes

Our group classes are a series of interval, circuit, aerobic and anaerobic exercises that increases your metabolism during and after training for maximum fat burning results! Each class is also highly supervised to maintain proper form which will prevent injury.

Strength and Conditioning Bootcamps are design to build core and overall body strength that will burn fat faster! You will also gain lean muscle, energy and muscle endurance when these anaerobic type exercises.  

Circuit Training Bootcamps are a series of designated exercise stations (core, cardio, upper and lower body) that are circuited through based on 30 second intervals. 

Small Group Training - Grab a group of friends or family members up to 10 people and have an hour all to yourselves with one of our certified trainers to customize a program that will provide guaranteed results!   

Individual Group Class Rates:

  • 10 Session Punch Card - $60

Small Group Training:

  • Small group training is valid for 3-10 person groups. Please call for scheduling and prices 815-675-1044

Sports Performance

Speed and Agility - Our speed and agility program enhances athlete’s mobility and flexibility for proper mechanic distribution, while developing strength, power, explosiveness and quickness. This will take place with the following drills (Note that all drills are highly supervised): plyometrics, speed, agility, conditioning and mobility. 

Strength and Conditioning - Our Strength and Conditioning program is developed to build optimal strength, power and muscle endurance along with mobility and flexibility training for sufficient muscle activation. This will entail: upper, lower, core, posterior and anterior strengthening.

 Sports Performance TEAM Training - We gear our strength/conditioning and speed/agility programs around your sport to enhance elite athletic performance on the field, ice and/or floor.

Sports Performance Training:

Unlimited Individual Rates:

  • 1 month:        $150
  • 3 months:      $397
  • 6 months:      $795
  • 12 months:   $1647

Sports Performance TEAM Training:

For scheduling and cost information please call 815-675-1044 or email us at info@njeliteperformance.com

Personal Training

By Appointment

If you are looking for a one-on-one experience, we have well educated, passionate, attentive trainers that will create a customizable program fitting to your goals. We offer 45 minute personal training sessions. Schedule your free consultation!

Personal Training Package Rates:

  • 6 sessions:      $360
  • 12 sessions:    $720
  • 16 sessions:    $875 *includes a meal plan
  • 24 sessions:    $1297 *includes a 2-3 month customized meal plan