GRINDTIME Strength Club

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We love to celebrate our member's accomplishments. This is an elite club for those of our members who accomplish a 200lb Deadlift, one proper Pull-Up, A Turkish Get-Up that is 30lb for women and 40lb for men and a Barbell Squat that is 185lb for women and 405lb for men.  Once a member completes one of the above categories, they get to sign the banner!

200lb Deadlift

Karla Rogers 11/7/16 (205lb)
Kelly Hensley 11/7/16 (215lb)
Marysol Beadle 11/7/16 (205lb)
Jackie Walsh 11/12/16 (235lb)
Mary DeBoer 11/12/16 (265lb)
Monica O'Berto 11/14/16 (205lb)
Tony Biell 11/24/16 (325lb)
Michael Starr 12/19/16 (405lb)
Alex K.-Palmer 1/2/17 (205lb) 
ALex Foster 1/2/17 (215lb) 
Ben Pedersen January 2017 (625lb)

Barbell Squat (185lb women & 405lb men)

Abby Svenson 1/7/17 (200lbs)





Mary DeBoer 11/12/16 (5 pull-ups)
Jackie Walsh 11/12/16
Georgia R. 1/7/17
Lori Hess 1/19/17
Liz Oeffling 1/23/17
Paige Schulze 1/24/17
Kelly Hensley 1/30/17

Turkish Get-Up (30lb women & 40lb men)

Lori Hess 11/4/16 (16KG)
Jackie Walsh 11/12/16 (28KG)
Michelle LaVigne 11/15/16 (16KG)
Alex K-Palmer 12/7/16 (16KG)
Liz Oeffling 12/13/16 (16KG)
Michael Starr 12/17/16 (32KG)