Kelly Hensley- Testimonial

"I became a member of NJ Elite in November 2015 to build muscle, lose weight and continue a healthy lifestyle.. And with Ashley and Namon's help and assistance, I'm doing all three! I love the classes, the people and the training. Thank you, NJ, for helping me be a healthier me!"

Donya Sweeney- Testimonial

"I've always considered myself a runner, but after a few injuries and hitting a plateau on my times, I knew something was missing. This past May, my husband and I decided to incorporate strength training into our marathon training, and the results have been fantastic. Not only has my form and endurance improved while running, but my overall body tone and shape has evolved too! I went from being a thin runner with little muscle, to a more sculpted and toned athlete. Namon and Ashley are a dynamic duo, and I credit my results to their dedication and overall desire to bring out the inner warrior in every person who enters their class. Thank you to NJ Elite for pushing me, and helping me to see I've only just begun on my fitness journey."

Jaclyn Walsh - Testimonial

“I have worked out at a lot of different gyms and none of them even come close to NJ Elite Performance. Namon and Ashley are truly passionate about fitness and you can tell in the way they train.
I've taken classes in the past where the trainer was simply there to tell you what to do in what order and that's all...that is definitely not Namon and Ashley! It doesn't matter if there are 3 people in class or 20, they still give individual attention and coaching to each person.
They truly care about you at NJ Elite Performance and you really do become part of the family! They push you to be the best that you can be and achieve all of your goals. I have accomplished things I never in a million years thought I could accomplish, and that's because I have these amazing trainers behind me supporting me!”