Speed & Agility Training

Our speed and agility program enhances athlete’s mobility and flexibility for proper mechanic distribution, while developing strength, power, explosiveness and quickness. This will take place with the following drills (Note that all drills are highly supervised): plyometrics, speed, agility, conditioning and mobility. 

Strength & Conditioning Training

Our Strength and Conditioning program is developed to build optimal strength, power and muscle endurance along with mobility and flexibility training for sufficient muscle activation. This will entail: upper, lower, core, posterior and anterior strengthening.

Sports TEAM Training

 Bring in your sports team for private sessions! We gear our strength/conditioning and speed/agility programs around your specific sport to enhance elite athletic performance on the field, ice and/or floor. Programs are developed specifically for your team and will encompass all the skills necessary to break records during your season!

For scheduling and cost information please call 815-675-1044 or email us at info@njeliteperformance.com